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OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus is technically same as that of OpManager but follows a different licensing model. It packs all the add-ons with the base OpManager product license, at a discounted price.

Eg.: 50 pack can be split as per convenience to monitor any combination of Network (Network Devices, Flow Interfaces, Access points, IPs & Switch ports), Server (Servers, Applications and Internet Services) and Storage components - with the total devices under Network, Server and Storage adding up to 50.

"OpManager Plus license options depend on the number of devices to be monitored. The license is inclusive of all the interfaces, nodes or sensors in the device. A device can have any number of interfaces, elements or sensors, unlike our competitors. To know more about how OpManager Plus is licensed, click here."
Do you want to add additional devices or interfaces under device monitoring/ firewall monitoring/ netflow monitoring/ configuration management/ IP address and switch port management? Write to us at or fill up the Get Quote form for a customized price quote.