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ManageEngine Log360 is your one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. It is an integrated solution that combines EventLog Analyzer and ADAudit Plus into a single console to help you manage your Active Directory auditing and network security easily.

ManageEngine Log360 - Subscription Model

Number of devices
(AS400, routers, switches, firewalls, IDS/IPS)
A device could be a router, switch, firewall, IDS/IPS, IBM AS400 machine, Linux or Unix system or any Syslog source.
Number of application sources
(IIS, Apache web server, print server, Oracle & MS SQL)
Any business-critical applications including Apache and IIS web server, Oracle and MS SQL database, DHCP Linux and Unix application or even in-house (or custom) application are termed as application sources.
Number of Windows servers
(Domain controller, file servers, member/Exchange servers)
A Windows server can be a domain controller, file server, member server, or an exchange server.
Number of Windows workstations
Number of Domain Controllers
Number of File Servers
Number of NetApp/EMC Servers
Total US$0