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ManageEngine Log360 is your one-stop solution for all log management and network security challenges. It is an integrated solution that combines EventLog Analyzer and ADAudit Plus into a single console to help you manage your Active Directory auditing and network security easily.

ManageEngine Log360 - Subscription Model

Number of Windows Server
No. of Domain Controllers: 0
No. of File Servers: 0
Number of Workstations
Number of Other Devices
Linux/Unix devices, AS400 systems, and ... more
Linux/Unix devices, AS400 systems, and network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and IDS/IPS.
Number of MS SQL Server
Number of IIS sites
Number of Other Applications
Oracle database, Apache web servers, ... more
Oracle database, Apache web servers, DHCP Windows/Linux servers, and print servers.
Active Directory Auditing
Active Directory Auditing - Audit any GPO, security principals, attribute changes and track user logon/logoffs.
Number of Domain Controllers
FIM/File Server Auditing
File Server Auditing - Monitor file and folder changes through effective file integrity monitoring techniques. Learn more..
Number of File Servers
Number of NetApp/EMC
Exchange Server Auditing
Exchange Server Auditing brings in a whole new set of functionalities to track, audit and report on unauthorized or accidental mailbox logon attempts, critical changes to mailbox permissions or properties.
Number of Servers
Office 365 Auditing
Office 365 Auditing - Monitor every event happening in your Office 365 environment. Know who did what operation and when.
Number of Tenants
Total US$0