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NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based, easy to use and an affordable traffic analytics tool that caters to the traffic analytics & bandwidth monitoring needs of your network. NetFlow Analyzer offers real-time visibility to your network and it provides you with options to focus on the security analytics of your network at an unprecedented level. It helps you ensure that your precious network is properly managed, hassle-free and totally secure.

Note: Existing customer only can buy Add-Ons.

If you already have OpManager, you can purchase NetFlow Analyzer as an add-on to OpManager at 20% discount. Purchase Now
For more than 5000 interfaces, contact sales team. Users can decide the number of collectors based on their network size.
Note : WLC access points will be considered as interfaces for licensing.
Failover is available by default as a feature, bundled with the NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition.