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Desktop Central

ManageEngine DesktopCentral is a Unified Endpoint Management solution that helps in managing thousands of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from a single console. You can automate all the system administrative tasks like patching Windows, Mac, Linux and third party, installing/uninstalling commercial software, generating hardware and software license compliance reports, enforcing security management, remote troubleshooting, imaging and deploying OSs, managing mobile devices and more.
  1. The UEM Edition is basically a new licensing model in addition to the Professional, Enterprise and Free Editions that we already have in Desktop Central.
    UEM Edition = DC Features + MDM + Modern Management for Windows 10 + OS Deployment
  2. We have a flexible pricing and it is not necessary to buy only within the prescribed slabs. If the total number of computers in your network do not match with the prescribed slabs, contact to get the pricing for the actual number of computers/technicians that you wish to license.
  3. ManageEngine offers special discounts for Educational institutions, Government and Non-Profit organizations. Contact to avail them.

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