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DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a data visibility and security solution that specializes in data leak prevention, file server auditing, and data discovery. It tracks and alerts on critical file modifications and movement across file servers, workstations, and USBs. It uses pre-configured policies to identify malicious user behavior, as well as locate and classify sensitive data. It helps detect and block sensitive data leaks via USBs, email, printers, and more. Further, it helps monitor file integrity, review file permissions, and meet multiple compliance requirements.
Note : NetApp NAS are licensed based on CIFS servers.
What is included in your onboarding plan
Onboarding - Online
Domain configuration
Workgroup server configuration
Agent deployment*
File Server Auditing
File server auditing configuration
Custom reports configuration
Custom alerts configuration
Schedule configuration for reports
Log filtering configuration
Log retention policy configuration
Archiving configuration
File Analysis
File analysis configuration
On-Demand report configuration
Custom alerts configuration
Schedule configuration for reports
Risk Analysis
File server configuration for Data Risk Assessment
SQL server configuration for Data Risk Assessment
Risk analysis policy configuration
Custom alerts configuration for Risk Analysis
Classification profile configuration
Exclusions setup for Risk Analysis
Data Leak Prevention
Data Leak Prevention configuration
Custom alerts configuration
Exclusions setup for Endpoint DLP
Custom alerts configuration for Endpoint DLP
File copy restriction configuration
Process Restriction configuration
Cloud Protection
Gateway servers configuration
Certificate authority configuration
Gateway server configuration in endpoints
Threat Analytics configuration
Banned & sanctioned cloud applications configuration
Retention policy configuration
SIEM integration configuration
Notification configuration for agent communication/log collection failure
Email server configuration
Technician configuration

Note : The client is responsible for the creation of a service account with the permissions required to perform these activities.

Our onboarding team can also help you with the following services for an additional cost.

Onboarding add-ons
Training (up to 4 Participants)
Security hardening & privacy
1. SSL configuration
2. TFA configuration
3. GDPR privacy settings configuration
4. Password protection implementation for archived files
Custom script configuration for alert (within product's scope)
Custom risk analysis rules configuration (within product's scope)

Note : The implementation of the above services are subject to fulfilment of client deliverables outlined in the scope of work (SOW).