HelpDesk Onboarding

Detailed Description Of ManageEngine OIM Activities For ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

Requirement Gathering

This is the first activity which will be performed by ManageEngine during OIM. This activity will involve our ManageEngine Consultant to gather all the relevant requirement and information needed for successful OIM of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. It would also be needed for our ManagEngine Consultant to interact with various stake holders of our clients to ensure the OIM is done to the best and to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

Task Identifying

Based on the requirements and information gathered ManageEngine Consultant will identify and recommend the correct OIM model along with the number of days needed which is best suited for their clients. ManageEngine Consultant will also identify all the tasks to be executed during OIM.


ManageEngine Consultant will define the scope of OIM based on the requirements, information gathered and tasks, model identified . The same will be forwarded to our clients and their stake holders for their approval.


Based on the approved scope, ManageEngine Consultant will develop a plan using a planning tool which will have the start date, end date, milestones, tasks, deliverable etc. This will help our clients to track the progress of OIM, conduct review meetings, discuss any changes etc.

Verifying & Confirming

This is the actual kick off of our OIM where ManageEngine OIM consultant will verify and confirm the requirements, information gathered, tasks, models identified and the plan to be executed. This activity will include the stake holders of our clients to also verify and confirm the same to ensure the smooth and perfect OIM process.

Process Defining

Based on the verification and confirmation ManageEngine OIM consultant will interact with various stake holders in deriving a process. Also, ManageEngine OIM consultant will engage in putting his expertise in giving his recommendations and best practices for a well-defined process best suited for our clients business which will be sent for approval of the respective stake holders of our clients.

Workflows Designing

A well-defined process will get its completion by designing its workflow. Based on the approved process by the stake holders of our clients, ManageEngine OIM consultant will design workflows for various process. The workflows will also be sent for approval of the respective stake holders of our clients.


The approved process and workflows (by the respective stake holders of our clients) will be implemented by our ManageEngine OIM Consultant to the best of his knowledge and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


ManageEngine will also involve in migrating of data if needed by their clients from any third party tools which will be defined in scope.

ManageEngine will also involve in complete migration of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Premise to ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud which will also be done as defined in the scope.


ManageEngine OIM consultant along with the respective stake holders of the client will involve in validating the process, workflows and all other functions that are mandatory for production as defined in the scope.


A well defined training plan will be planned by our ManageEngine OIM Consultant and a complete functional and technical training will be provided to our clients in operating and using our ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to the fullest.


ManageEngine will take complete ownership of the Go-Live process of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus for their clients. ManageEngine OIM consultant will be available to assist users / technicians for any functional / technical queries to ensure the Go-Live process is smooth with zero delay.


ManageEngine OIM consultant will involve in detail documentation of the process, workflows, functions and technical procedures which would help our clients to operate and use ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus with zero assistance of ManageEngine.


Finally ManageEngine OIM consultant will sign off with necessary documents, feedback, suggestions, recommendations from their clients which as a process the ManageEngine OIM consultant will bring it to the notice of the management of ManageEngine for further improvement and enhancement of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus OIM process.

Note: The above said activities will be performed simultaneously or one after the other as the case may be