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Endpoint Central

ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a Unified Endpoint Management solution that helps in managing thousands of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices from a single console. You can automate all the system administrative tasks like patching Windows, Mac, Linux and third party, installing/uninstalling commercial software, generating hardware and software license compliance reports, enforcing security management, remote troubleshooting, imaging and deploying OSs, managing mobile devices and more.
We have a flexible pricing and it is not necessary to buy only within the prescribed slabs. If the total number of endpoints in your network do not match with the prescribed slabs, contact to get the pricing for the actual number of endpoints/technicians that you wish to license.

Note : More than 10000 endpoints: Contact Sales Team

  1. ManageEngine offers special discounts for Educational institutions, Government and Non-Profit organizations. Contact to avail them.

Training Note

  • ^ The pricing stated for training models is based on the recommended minimum number of training days. The appropriate number of training days is determined by multiple factors, including device and technician count, chosen edition etc and the recommendation is then shared
  • ** While both the standard and advance training models cover the basics of onboarding and implementation, the advance version extensively covers the security capabilities of Endpoint Central and is ideal for customers who have purchased Endpoint Central security edition.

Enterprise Business Support (EBS)

  • Subscription License : Contact Support
  • Perpetual License : Contact Support

Note :

  • The price listed here is applicable for direct purchases from ManageEngine. If you are purchasing the product through our partners/resellers, please contact them for the pricing details.
  • This pricing is applicable for renewal and upgrade.