180M Program

S.No. Benefits 180 Minutes Complete IT Helpdesk Product Evaluation (180M)
01. Time The product can be evaluated completely in just 180 minutes along with our onsite consultant
02. Participants Any number of participants can make it effective by asking any number of questions which will be addressed by our onsite consultant
03. Decision Our onsite consultant will help you to take a 100% correct decision in just 180 minutes by establishing the feasibility of the product based on your IT requirements
04. Live Yes - Our onsite consultant will help to see your requirements live in the product before you purchase and go live in your production
05. Fool Proof Yes - Our onsite consultant will also give a fool proof product demonstration with evidence establishing the feasibility of the product based on your requirement
06. Use Cases Yes - Real time use cases will be explained giving a better understanding
07. IT Challenges Yes - Onsite discussion of real time IT challenges has practically proven to be effective and easy helping to provide a correct solution adding value to your time.
08. Pain Points Yes - Our onsite consultant will ensure your pain points are addressed by providing an effective solution
09. Proof Of Concept (POC) Yes - Evidence establishing the feasibility of the product based on your specific IT requirements will be done
10. Evaluation Yes - 100% complete product evaluation will be done in just 180 minutes
11. Consultation Yes - Aligning your IT requirements with the features of the product will be done
12. Presentation Yes - Detailed product presentation show casing the product features and functionalities will be done
13. Demonstration Yes - Detailed product demonstration explaining the working of product features will be done
14. Integration Yes - Integration with other product/solutions will be discussed
15. Recommendation Recommended for those who want the entire IT team (including decision makers) to evaluate and decide the product saving time
16. Duration 180 Minutes
17. Onsite Yes
18. Cost $249
19. Countries Available only for AU, UK and US
20. Value Guaranteed